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   It’s hard to tell what’s too damn high, the rent or Jimmy McMillan.


The Man Behind the Beard

Jimmy McMillan is the founder and CEO of, The Rent is Too Damn High Party, a state recognized third party with a loud voice, and growing attention.  He is a 64 year old ex-postalservice worker, decorated Army Veteran, and Karate Master.  He fought in Vietnam from 1966 until 1968 as a Huey helicopter door gunner, receiving 3 bronze stars.  Due to his unique style, methodology, and antics, it’s not odd to hear him called by his many nicknames, “The Black Hulk Hogan,” “The Hulk,” “Papa Smurf,” "Rent Guy," “Rambo,” or his birth name, “Jimmy Mack.” (


This is an actual photo from his own political website  – (

His Big Debut

It wasn’t until October 18th, 2010 during the New York Gubernatorial debate, that this Chuck Norris of candidates got any real attention.  His obscure method of grabbing the audience was by repeating his slogan; “The rent is to damn high.”  Somewhat surprisingly he stole most of the attention during the debate, even getting Andrew Cuomo to verbally agree with him.

According to CNN and the Huffington Post, this debate was an upset to many serious viewers who were expecting “a firework debate” from the two top candidates, Republican Carl Paladino and Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who graciously allowed the other contestants to speak there minds and make stabs at the two of them. – (

Apparently even with his stylish beard, and loud voiced opinions, Jimmy McMillan isn’t the only attention grabbing 3rd party candidate of this debate.  This is somewhat upsetting to think that out of the 7 candidates only 2 or 3 of them are taking the matters at hand in a serious fashion.  This debate speaks very negatively of the other 3rd party candidates.  This saddens me because, in many instances, third party candidates have very good, moral, and valuable points and ideas, such as the Green party, but this debate displays a true mockery of our democratic system of government.  I am a firm believer that everyone should have a fair chance to speak to try to make a difference in his or her societies and communities, but this is not the way of doing it.  Sure we all had a good laugh, but we lost the chance at a good debate between the only two real candidates, not to mention one of which will be the next New York Governor.

In All Seriousness

After seeing this debate, the pathetic political party website (, and some of the fallow up interviews with Jimmy McMillan it’s very hard to take him as a serious candidate.  Even with all of this aside, he appears to fall into the “one issue” type candidate category.  Here is a fallow up interview, with his response to that very statement.

15 Minutes of Fame

On a strange side note, it has also recently come out that Jimmy McMillan hasn't even paid rent himself since the 1980's due to a negociation with his land lady who let him stay in his 1 bedroom flat rent free after he lost his job as a postal worker because he was a war vet, and promised to help do repairs around the building.  As minute as this may sound it does tarnish his credibility for some. – (

It’s hard to tell weather Jimmy McMillan is truly an advocate of his cause, or simply a man looking for 15 minutes of fame.  If it’s the fame he’s looking for he’s already achieved it, thanks to SNL.


In all fairness, I must admit, I had a blast doing the research for this blog, and even found some of Jimmy’s points valid.  As a poor college student I can certainly appreciate his concern for the young people of this nation, struggling to make rent each month, and wanting to better their lives, but his method for change is simply impractical and at the end of the day is just another empty statement.  It’s probably best if he leaves the real political issues for the actual candidates, Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino.

Side Note

Once again I didn't have enough time to put in all of the information I wanted to, so hear are a few more interesting articles about Jimmy McMillan and The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

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