Weakness at Home = Weakness Abroad = Weakness at Home

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Obama’s recent tour of Asia has not been beneficial to him personally or the United States.  Criticism and hard questions have riddled the trip.  Initially he received criticism simply for going overseas, and he is now receiving criticism because the United States looks weak in the international arena. 

I am sure everyone remembers the recent Michelle Bachman interview with Anderson Cooper in which she greatly criticized the President for flying to India rather than meeting with world leaders via video conference.  She claimed the trip is costing the taxpayers $200 billion a day.  Factcheck.org says there is no evidence to support this although the White House will not give out exact figures due to security concerns.

India was his first stop.  Obama was well received by the people of India according to the New York  Times.  The Indian government is anxious to do business and create a stable relationship with the United States.  This may be important because they are the richest and largest democratic nations in the world.

«The admiration for him with regard to his campaign, his optimism, his
charismatic movement and charismatic leadership, that I think has not
faded off yet,” Father Ferraro said. As to the midterms, he gave an
explanation Mr. Obama himself might have offered: “He was given an
economy which was unsustainable.”


A welcoming sign in Mumbai.

Despite the positive reactions by the people, analysts were not as convinced to the benefits to the United States by the President’s visit to India.  His repeated remarks about Gandhi were called “platitudinous“, and although a symbolic trip, not much action was taken.  This is a seemingly common complaint about the President lately.

Indonesia yielded similar results.

On to the G-20 Summit!

His trip to South Korea illustrated the point of lack of action and the point that the United States is not the world power it once was.  The communique was weak, the President got very little of his requests granted, and ultimately the trip to Asia is viewed as a political loss.

G20, NPR

“What does this have to do with elections?” you may be asking yourself.  Much.  Other world power’s perceptions of the United States effects the United States economy.  The citizen of the United States’ perception of how their president handles international affairs will become more important as 2012 gets closer…especially in regards to jobs going overseas and the opinion that China is creating situations on the world market and taking the United States’ spot as the leading world power.  With a weakened perception of the United States, the pitiful state of the country’s economy, and so many countries opposing or rejecting U.S. policies, it makes sense for the United States to cozy up to India.  However, the U.S. needs a lot more than heavy petting right now, and instead ends up taking a cold shower.  Overall the trip is viewed as a big waste of money and a big waste of time.

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