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The 2010 midterm election was constructed in the political arena to be either a major wave election for Republicans to take back both the House of Representatives and Senate or just a loud commotion to get the Democrats back in the game. Rallying their base by playing off their disappointment and frustration with the current state of the economy the Republicans along with the Tea Party were able to stir their base and create enough momentum to gain majority in the House. Now that Democrats have seen what and can happen when the people are not satisfied, where will they go from here and what will be their plan to remain in control?

It appears that the next several years will be merely a battle between the Democrats and Republicans to get ahead of one another instead of co inhabiting the political agendas. The Democrats continue thus far to try and compromise with unruly Republicans, but they seem to be stagnant and un-progressive due to the unwillingness of Republicans to view issues opposite of their own political spectrum as seen in the video below.

According to USA Today’s Gallup polls Republicans are more likely to stick to their beliefs because they believe that is the best approach where as Democrats are more willing to compromise. Political scientist Gary Jacobson of the University of California at San Diego says the message to Republican leaders from their constituents is to give no ground, at least initially:

“’We won by saying ‘no’ to Obama and by rigid opposition to any of his proposals, so why should we stop now — especially since our supporters are inclined to go along with us?’ “

In my opinion if Democrats want to salvage their strong united base that was clearly prevalent in 2008 and re-establish that strong driving force for the 2012 primary thick skin and a strong backbone will be needed to succeed. Rather then claiming to be conservative democrats and straying from their liberal views to stay “safe” democrats should stand strong behind their views and demonstrate no compromises like the republicans. The course that they are starting to venture down displays weakness and the wavering voters is not surprising because if a politician can’t stand strong behind their ideas then why would voters support that politician? More then ever democrats need to unit and challenge the republicans rather then stray from their party alliance as talked about in the video below.

If democrats want to excite the people once again they need to have faith in themselves and the people will follow. Turn out was low this election period and what happens in the next two years will be interesting to observe.



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