They’re in. Now what?

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Is anyone else as happy as I am that this election is finally over? We all know the turbulence that has been in the air since the candidates were announced. Back and forth debates, back-to-back negative ads, rally after rally… Well it’s all finally done. Now we have two years to sit back and watch everything unfold and see exactly where all this angst will take us.

To my disappointment, the Republicans took the house. I’m sure very few people were surprised. At least the Democrats managed to hold on to the senate, though I’m sure that would have gone to the Republicans had it not been for some of their “extreme” candidates. In Colorado, the senate race was very close. I saw the victory going to Buck but I was wrong. But now that the right wing has a firmer grip on the government, what’s going to happen? I’m sure we all could guess which policies would face scrutiny.



The first to go will most likely be the new Health Care Bill. Apparently, there has already been an attack on the bill which the Supreme Court has turned down. Obama’s health care overhaul has been, and will continue to be the target of much opposition. The Republicans have vowed to overturn the bill and they may soon have the power to do so.


According to Boehner, “The American people were concerned about the government takeover of health care.” Yet the American people seem to be pretty evenly split among those who approve of the health care legislation and those who do not. So if the Republicans are truly out to please the average American citizen, wouldn’t it be in their best interest to find some middle ground instead of repealing the whole health care bill? All I see coming from this is more Americans being left out in the cold and uninsured, again. Repealing the new legislation may be gold for them now, but it may also cost them votes in the future.

Health care isn’t their only concern. You can be sure they will work towards tightening immigration laws. We can also expect them to take a different route than the Dems with taxation. The Obama administration wanted to extend the Bush tax cuts only for those earning under $250,000, the newcomers propose to extend the original Bush tax cuts to everyone above and below that limit. Most importantly, they also hope to cut government spending back down to 2008 levels. The worst isn’t over yet for the Democrats, they should brace themselves for many more blows. Democrat Henry Waxman is close to losing his seat on the Energy and Commerce Committee to either Republican Fred Upton or John Shimkus. Whoever winds up taking this seat will likely be pushing for the repeal of the health care legislation and protecting the environment may end up taking a back seat on the national priority list.

With all this right wing influence, the Democrats are in for a bumpy ride. If they want to succeed, they will have to stick to their guns and focus on what their base wants. Some compromise will be necessary but if they want votes, they will have to stand firmly by their ideals instead of attempting to constantly please their opposition.  According to Virginia Republican Eric Cantor, the Reps do not plan on compromising with the Democrats.


“The president did say this week he’s willing to work with us,” said Rep. Eric Cantor, the Virginia Republican who is in line to become majority leader. “Now listen, are we willing to work with him? First and foremost, we’re not going to be willing to work with him on the expansive liberal agenda he’s been about.”



They must take advantage of having strength in numbers. The Democrats must come to a consensus and stand united for their legislation. There is no other way they will be able to accomplish anything worth bragging about. Though the Republicans took the house, they still lack the majority needed to repeal any bill. Overall, these next two years are going to shape both parties. They must tread carefully if they want to come out strong in 2012.;_ylt=Ag3XXaXSONpc1s8kuScKHjiyFz4D;_ylu=X3oDMTJscm5iaDVzBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAxMTA3L3VzX3JlcHVibGljYW5zX2luX2NoYXJnZQRwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fbW9zdF9wb3B1bGFyBHNsawNyZXB1YmxpY2Fuc2k-

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