So….. Uh…. Whats Next?

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As much to my frustration and dismay, my blog posts have been deemed to be too passionate and as the equivalent to Bill O’Reilly or Rachel Maddow. I lack credibility because of my passionate blog posts and I guess people don’t take me serious, for whoever reads this. So this blog post is going to be solely dedicated to the assignment of  what will happen within the next two years of Americas political culture and future. Hopefully this will be the most dry, serious,zero emotion, zero passion filled, factual thing ive ever written and then maybe I will finally gain the credibility that I failed to achieve in my previous blog posts. So here I go.

The Republican party, with the help of a lagging economy, and huge Democratic Majority, and american frustration with the current state of government in the U.S., won in a big election! The Republican party won 61 House seats on congress, 6 Senate seats, and 6 more governorships putting their total to a gain of a total +67 seats,not including the governorships ( Republicans were able to gain the most seat than any party as able to in the last 70 years (, So next year when the 112nd congress comes together the republicans will have House by 241-189  and the Democrats will have a slight lead in the Senate by a 53-47 margin.  So what will happen? I have thought about a few different scenarios, with some wackier than others, and with our last discussion in our political science elections class I have come up with and taken some ideas from that to show whoever may read this… whats next? Here are three scenarios that I think will happen given the right circumstances:

1. Nothing gets accomplished. Quick reminder being that to get things passed into law you must have the majority vote in both the house and the senate, as well as the president signature. Doing the math for the 112nd Congress, and with the partisan bickering, nothing seems to look like its going to get accomplished. If things get passed in the house, it wont in the senate, and visa versa. Also if by some strange reason it does and the legislation is a radical one, the president will veto the bill, and then it gets thrown back to a 2/3 majority in both the house and the senate which mathematically never happens anyways. So here is what the still minority leader of the senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-SC) said after the election was over as well as the  John Bohner (R-OH) the future speaker of the house, and The Leader of the Republican Governors Association Haley Barbour governor of Mississippi:

doesn’t sound like much will get done now does it? With the type of attitude and voice the Republican party has with that group of people running the show, and historically, and in recent history like… the last 2 years… the Republican Party has established a voting block that is unbreakable and un forgiving, ex. Health Care Bill:

The bill passed in a 219-212 vote after more than a year of bitter partisan debate. All 178 Republicans opposed it, along with 34 Democrats.” –

2. The Republican Party gets their way. Keeping all the Bush Tax Cuts, cutting spending (even though most of the party hasn’t been specific on what they’d exactly cut), Defunding and/or repealing the Health Care reform bill are all on the agenda for the newly controlled house, and with the demoralization of the Democratic part, and with all politicians thinking of reelection same of the more (whats left with them) of the moderate Democrats might actually vote with the Republicans on some of these key issues just  for the sake of political gain! Here is what the president had to say after the election, notice his body language and demeanor:

3. They actually work to fix america together. This one is a long shot considering the Republican Party has been looking towards 2012 for the past 2 years to gain control of the government and the oval office, but they rode this election of americans anger and discontent for the economy and government in general. This became the Tea Party movement, Far right radicals who want a tiny government and free markets. If the Democrats are willing to meet the Moderate Republicans in the middle, and get things done, the Tea Party movement will be voiceless and the President will pass the bill, and government finally works for the people again and things get done properly and bipartisan.

In My personal opinion, without any passion or emotion just strictly business, I think we are looking at another long road to the 2012 presidential elections and people are already starting to campaign  for it. Unfortunately, the political games and selfishness ends up trumping not only progress but the desperate need for help who could use jobs that would lead to getting back to where America use to be. I find it to be discouraging and sad that both parties just can’t see that American needs them to stop acting like children and start acting like legislators who people look up to and inspire to be one day and create a better tomorrow.

 As an aside,I hope this has satisfied the requirements for this blog and I pray that I have gained some credibility back into my writing that I had lacked in the past!