A two state solution?

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And no, I’m not talking about Israel and Palestine.

I think if there is anything the last election proves, it is that Americans are moving further and further away from the center. Democrats are mad at Obama for not doing enough, no single payer healthcare, don’t ask don’t tell, you name it. Republicans repeatedly refer to him as a socialist. As someone who thinks socialism is a great idea and seems to be working pretty well in every other “developed” country (at least to some degree), I get mad when I realize that he isn’t in fact a socialist, and I may as well move to Sweden.

And maybe an American Sweden is just the ticket, for those blue state-rs who want to live there.  I don’t know what the GOP utopian equivalent would be, save maybe expanding the republic of Texas to encompass all of the red states.

With the new Republican majority in the House and such a narrow margin of Dems in the Senate, it seems like the only way for anything to get done is to compromise, but compromise is exactly what got so many people angry in the first place! Instead of compromising, its very likely that the GOP will stick to their guns (literally) and our congress will be even more stuck than it was before the 2nd of November.

I recently saw this post on a friend’s facebook wall:

the only thing he has done is *screw* us on the raise this last year. Nothing else has changed yet. Everything else was already on the downslaop  before his ass was in office. Think about this… Geographicly at least 60-70% of the armed forces are from the south. Now depending on the job field you have it may be dominated by something else. And 80-90% of the military is conservitave. We still have a voice, a very loud, and stubborn, conservative voice. And the second that he starts changing *stuff* on a major scale. aka. openly gay people serving in combat arms and any number of other things. You’re going to see one of the most volitile situations this country has dealt with since abolishing slavery. There will be murders, and huge cases of dissorderly conduct. Not to mention the number of leaders that will step down. Let him start taking away our bennifits. If there is one thing that anyone in congress or the white house does not want, is a bunch of organized pissed off, and potentialy riotess war vets. It will tear that administration in half from the inside.

Both people involved are/were/are married to someone in the military. He definitely has a point about the conservationism in the military, and the overwhelming number of people that come from the South. This makes sense when you consider that a large number of people join the military because they lack other options for employment. I also think that this could bring up a dangerous if true point, that the conservative military is mad at Obama, and if they decided to take action, would be a force to be reckoned with.

Brayden already posted the letter from the blue states to the red states, but here it is again in case you would like to re-read it.

If at this point, you are thinking that I am crazy for suggesting that maybe America should become two states, keep in mind that I was not the first person to come up with it, and in fact this guy is a conservative who is plugging the idea. To sum up the more tangible parts of his plan:

How might such a two-country system operate?

1. Each country will have its own constitution. The Blue country could simply continue operating under the present constitution of the United States, but the red country would need to hold a constitutional convention shortly after gaining independence. It should, of course, form a constitutional republic (probably a federal republic), with adequate safeguards for civil liberties.

2. Each country will have its own courts and adopt its own laws. In particular, this means that the Blue country will be able to make its own laws regarding immigration and citizenship.

3. Each country will have its own military forces. Existing military hardware will be divided equitably between the two countries.

4. No person will be forced to move. However, some persons who are ideologically red but are residents of a blue county may choose to move to a red state or county during the transition period. (Similarly, ideological blues who reside in a red county might choose to relocate.) Provisions might also be made to permit an ideological Red residing in a blue county to become a citizen of the red country while continuing to reside in the blue country. In that case, he would have the status of a resident alien (and, of course, would have to obey the laws of the blue country). Similar provisions could be made for ideological Blues residing in red counties.

5. Each country would have its own currency. The existing national debt at the time of the breakup would be divided equally between the two countries. Of course, it is possible that one or both countries might afterwards choose to renounce its debt, or inflate it away (as might happen even if there is not a divorce).

6. Provisions would be made for free movement of persons or goods from one of the countries through (or over) the other without tariffs or extra port charges being imposed.

He brings up some interesting points about the actual functioning of two separate countries, with things like trade and agriculture. Red America may have the bible belt, but that is also the grain belt, whereas Blue America has the fruit and vegetables. Blue has all the sea ports, save for the gulf of Mexico, and Blue would also not be contiguous.

If the tea party continues to gain momentum as the more conservative option to the GOP, and if so many Democrats are disillusioned by the Party because our elected officials repeatedly do not represent how liberal the people are that they represent, then maybe the best solution is giving the two sides their own territory and see who hashes it out better. If the infighting, refusal to compromise by both parties and congressional standstill don’t stop, it doesn’t seem like the worst option.

Both Parties need to stop the extremism and move back toward a center. You would think with more of Americans becoming independent, to parties would be moving toward the middle, not the flanks.

I leave you with Meghan McCain, who I believe is on the right track with her ideas of creating more inclusive political parties. Though she is obviously talking about the GOP, the Dems could stand to take a few lessons from her message as well.

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