If the Tea Party Doesn’t Get Its Way…

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Do you think they may take their ball and go home. http://thehill.com/homenews/house/128049-race-for-no-4-gop-spot-pits-tea-party-vs-washington-gop The whining and the whinging has already begun, Bachmann’s battle to head the GOP conference committee has met with stiff resistance of the traditional party establishment and Rep. Bachmann has complained in her venue of choice that she is more TeaParty than Rep. Jeb Hensarling and that the Tea party must have a voice at the GOP table. It reminds me of an old Dead Milkmen exert at the end of an album about two guys arguing who’s more punk.

Her candidacy was bolstered last week when Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), also a favorite of the Tea Party crowd, endorsed Bachmann’s bid.

“The Republican Conference Chair needs to be the best communicator we have. … Michele has charisma and she brings with her an impressive skill set. She embodies the agenda of the constitutional conservatives. Constitutional conservatives are the majority makers, the conscience of America and the new agenda setters,” King said.


Do her supporters really believe that this gaffe machine is really the best person to represent the party committee. Have we all forgotten the incredible illogical leaps that this woman makes as soon as a microphone is in earshot?

In the video Rep. Bachmann blames Democratic presidents for swine flu and blames President Obama and President Roosevelt for recessions that were inherited, forgetting that both recessions were raging when they took office.  Bachmann rails on FDR in the video about how democratic presidents mishandled economic situations.  Small problem – actually a couple of them…the Smoot-Hawley Act (named after Senator Reed Smoot and Rep. Willis Hawley) was signed into law by President Herbert Hoover in June of 1930. FDR wasn’t in office until March of 1933. The inauguration was held in March Future legislation had watered it down to nothing by 1934. Here’s a helpful timeline of depression-era stuff. The Smoot-Hawley Act was legislation that increased tariffs as much as 50% in an effort to raise revenue and signaled to other world economies that the US intended to increase isolationist policies.

These aren’t even the most extreme statements that have been (mis)represented as fact by Rep. Bachmann. We can all recall her McCarthyesque  call for un-American committees to root out who is patriotic enough to serve the government. Her frequent slips must be accidental, one single person could not intentionally be responsible for so many misstatements (lies- shhh don’t tell). Here is a clip from the Chris Mathews program.

Bachmann’s idea on budget

After watching the clip on Anderson Cooper’s CNN program, I was amazed that she wasn’t pressed harder to answer the question, Cooper tried to press but she simply continued her talking points unfazed. And the Lies just keep coming. Doesn’t it feel like we’ve already gone through all of this before? And the gaffes and the dodges keep coming.

There we are; the new boss same as the old boss. I feel like its 1994 all over again. The republicans will overplay what they say is a mandate, what a joke, they’ll shut down the government, AGAIN. Find themselves unpopular and we will all have to endure the subpoena and the grand jury investigations on a bunch of phony lies and witch-hunts and in the end all we will have to show for it is triangulation (arghhhh) and austerity measures that will hurt everyone. And in the end Republicans will blame President Obama for destroying Social Security and Medicare.