Why is No One Happy?

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With the 2010 elections now over, one would think that at least a certain part of the electorate would be happy.  Yet the general vibe that seems to be consistent all through out the country is one of disappointment.  The disappointment ranges from Obama, to the Democratic party, to the Republican party, and the American people.  With the current congress having an approval rating in the 20 percentile, you would think that at least one group of the population would be happy.

After the election results came in, President Obama saw a massive amount of repudiation in part because of his aggressive action in policy change.  Obama had blamed his own leadership, the slow economic recovery, and the fact that he was unable to effective communicate to the American people, about how great his new health care bill was, and all of the benefits that it would give them.  President Obama was not just disappointed about his lack of communication with the American people, but also with the super majority that he lost in both chambers of congress.  There is an ongoing debate about whether or not Obama was hoping on losing the Senate as well.  Had Obama also lost the Senate, he could have began writing his new campaign speeches for 2012, blaming the GOP as the party of “NO” and that it was their fault that America could not move forward.  Yet with a split congress, and a Democratic President, I think that more responsibility lies on the Democrats.  It is their chance to shine, and do not have a scapegoat that they would have had if Republicans took the Senate as well.

The election results were also insulting to Obama and his Vice President.  Obama lost his old Illinois Senate seat going to Kirk, a Republican, who traditionally have a hard time winning in Illinois.  Vice President Biden would have lost his old Senate seat had it not been for Christine O’Donnell.  These early indicators, with the way the House went also do not look good for Obama in 2012.  It is going to have to take a massive economic recovery, and quick in order for him to be so successful again. 

The GOP party and voters are both disappointed as well.  GOP leadership is tearing conservatives apart.  They are forcing them to decide if they want the old GOP or the new GOP/tea party ideology.  The Karl Rove and Lindsay Graham versus the Jim DeMint/Sarah Palin GOP.  And this past election shows that many voters are in favor of the New GOP.   According to RCP, these are their predictions.             SENATE 2010 POLLS

California: Boxer (D)
Colorado: Bennet (D)
Illinois: Open (D)
Nevada: Reid (D)
Pennsylvania: Open (D)
Washington: Murray (D)
West Virginia: Open (D)

 In all but two of these Senate races, the Democrat challenger won.  With poor candidate choices and political gaffes, many GOP candidates managed to self destruct throughout the campaign.



While the GOP picked up a massive amount of House seats, the Senate proved to be anti-incumbent proof.  Which I think, and from the blogs/comments that I have read on various websites/youtube etc. has encouraged many conservatives to set their eyes and maintain their momentum into the 2012 Presidential election.  (Yes, I am aware that typically different portions of the electorate vote on the Presidential and mid-term elections)

The Democrats are not happy with this election either.  Losing 61 House seats, is not anything worth celebrating.  Currently the Democrats have 187 House seats and the Republicans have 240.  Many Democrats are blaming Pelosi for their catastrophic lossses.  With Pelosi being such a highly recognizable and very unpopular politician, GOP candidates were able to show a connection between Pelosi and the candidate in many of their commercials.  Pelosi is also angering many centrist Democrats with her bid to stay involved as a Democrat leader.  According to Fox News, there is a letter that has been sent around from various House Democrats that begs Pelosi to step aside.  The letter says that Democrats were “victimized by a national wave of resentment toward Democrats, a wave that ensnared you along with us.”  The letter also says how Pelosi was demonized and the nail in the coffin for many candidates running in swing districts.  At the end, the letter ask the current House speaker to step down.   http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/11/08/fox-exclusive-defeated-democrats-pen-letter-implore-pelosi-step-aside        It is interesting to see that such a powerful and persuasive woman who was able to get many things through the House, now has her own party turning on her.  Pelosi was one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, women in U.S. politics.

It appears that this year no one is happy, and no one won exactly what they wanted.  This is a huge opportunity for Democrats and Republican alike to work in a bi-partisan way and accompolish the most daunting tasks that are facing our nation.  I think that main point sent this election was that people do not want the Government involved in personal, social issues.  They want their representatives to listen and vote the way that they want them to.

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