Countdown to Election

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There are many ways that the trail leading to the election is being shown. Some different examples may be the news shows that are covering the campaigns.

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart is the host of this comic television show that is more from a democratic view of the election. The way him and his co workers cover the news about the campaign is very satirical and gets the audience’s attention.  He will try and keep is show not too biased but in the end he ends up seeming more left winged to his audience. Stewart uses the approach of taking the news and showing some clips of the election and then analyzing what it may really mean. With the help of his cast, they are able to use the comical style of getting the audience of left wingers to see their point of view while also making their points clearly seen. When other news reporting election news, they might not show the whole clip of a candidate which is when Stewart chooses to show some things that other news stations may not be willing to report. With election news, he reviewed negative campaign ads and he not did talk about both sides of the public parties. He mentioned the ads against Reid and Angle and showed examples of negative ads that he thinks are not getting them anywhere.  His examples with his co workers is that some ads are very upfront while there are some that seem to beat around the bush instead of attacking their opponent directly. Recently had Obama on his show and they discussed the present election.

Colbert Report

Colbert is a reporter of the Colbert Report and it shows news of the election leaning to the right. He uses some of the same approaches as Stewart in his show when he is talking about the election. He shows both the Democratic and Republican ideas of the outcome and it is clear that he slightly leans to the right when it comes to political issues. He had a small section when he was asking a Mexican if people in America should be afraid of them and the guy responded that “No, I don’t think anyone should be afraid of a Mexican.” With that, Colbert replies with a statement about them taking our jobs. Which is just a small way that is seen that he is not for immigration. He also asked a question about being gay, showing his interests in gay rights. He then also had a group of people that would be stereotyped because of the way they look, which one was a Mexican, a gay man, a Muslim that looked like Bin Laden, etc and he sarcastically asked if they have a Legion of Doom meeting. This type of situation makes the audience appreciate what he is saying and does eventually laugh at the jokes he is making.

See it here.

The ways these shows are perceived are also up to what type of person the viewer is. If the viewer is strongly to the left, they won’t think that some jokes made about your party are as funny as they might have been intended.

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