Obama In Moderation

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While skimming recent news articles in hopes of finding something blogworthy, I came across a New York Times article.In short, this article is suggesting that the downfall of the Democratic party in this election is that Obama is too moderate for his constituency. The American people want, apparently, someone who is more politically polorized than Obama.

Obama’s response is “When we promised during campaign ‘change you can believe in,’ it wasn’t change you can believe in in 18 months”.

This clip is from Obama’s interview from the Daily Show on Wednesday, which is the catalyst not only for this post, but for the above NY Times article, as well as countless others. This is Obama’s direct response to Stewart’s questions about the accusations that he, his administration, and their policies are too moderate for what they promised.

But if Obama’s attitude is too moderate, why are people leaning right with such fervor? That is, if the people’s main criticism about Obama is that he is too moderate and they want someone who is a far and away more left-leaning, why are the Dems worried about loosing seats this election?

The answer: people do not necessarily want a more liberal government, they just want a more polar government. By this I mean that it is not so much that Americans want a more liberal congress person or representative, it is that they want someone on the edges of the political spectrum.

This Tea Party Movement sees this. This is precisely why they are getting so much attention. This is also why Obama and the Dems did so well in ’08.  The same policies that caused the media to call Obama a “socialist” are the policies that are now making him the laughing-stock of prime-time television for how moderate and watered down they are. Why? These policies that were radical two years ago to Americans are now mundane and blasé . These 2008 policies are no longer provocative.

The provocation now comes from the Tea Party. The people have spoken! Its not about left or right, apparently, but about political marginalization. The crazier the Tea Party seems, the better the GOP will do on Nov. 2. The Dems listened in 2009 when the country said they were too far left, so they brought it toward the center; this may be the reason they lose next week.

(The full interview from the Daily Show, the interview that is causing so much strife, can be found easily here)

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