Controlled by the Boob-tube

Posted on October 25, 2010 by


I’ll admit that I watch a great deal of television, like many of my fellow Americans. However, I read as well as watch. I listen to the radio in the car and I discuss in class. If all Americans would recognize how important politics is in their lives we would live in a unique and beautiful place. Yet, this is a beautiful world there are always issues that need addressing. How we go about addressing these individual actions is mostly through television.

We are constantly controlled by our TV, which quite literally control an entire room with it’s size and sound. It only makes sense to use the television as a medium to address your constituents. But, how can we trust anything that the news delivers us? Most will vote simply from the information they see in commercials and hear about on the news, but a few of us will vote with confidence and knowledge of the candidates and the ballot issues.

In this clip we see what media reports as the Tea Party and who they choose to interview to depict a part of the Tea Party.

This clip explains more exactly of what I am trying to say about commercials and politics. At this time the healthcare reform had been passed at one level and would be judged further by numerous commercial and personal ideologies to be puled out longer than anticipated. Moreover the reporters on 9news tell viewers that there are millions yet to be spent on campaigning for and against the healthcare reform bill. When money like this is being spent on advertising we are forced to watch the money flow down the drain. Money in campaigning can go to so many other uses. However, we turn our attention to that money spent… well spent to do exactly what it does. For some of us politics becomes glamorous, something new to believe in or become. A political group can define a life, can define a period, can define a time.

In a study from Stanford University researchers state the obvious answer to the obvious question at hand. “The harsh tone of political advertising, the often controversial techniques employed by political advertisers, and the fact that the competing claims made in campaign ads are beyond review, have raised questions about the goals of political advertisers. Many critics have suggested that political advertisers seek votes at any cost, even including a degraded sense of public regard for the candidates and the electoral process.” Are politicians expected to air negative ads or ads which make us scared of certain issues or candidates? The negative political advertising heightens the level of cynicism most people already have towards politics and political interests.