Are Americans Stupidirrrrrrrrrr?

Posted on October 21, 2010 by


We are down to the wire and this morning my mother asks me, “Brayden? is Ken Buck gonna win?” I told my mom with some hesitation… I think so. She used an explicit word that cannot be seen on here lol, But I felt her frustration. After deciding to vote for neither senate choice in my state of Colorado and write in another candidate who i felt should be my representative, I don’t really regret it one bit. Given my options in this state i had never felt so torn and hurt by what I had to choose between. A man who didn’t fight hard enough and took the 6th most PAC money in the Senate (Bennet), He raised 1.3 million dollars at the end of  June  for Just a primary! Ken Buck on the other hand…. Ugh

Really Ken? Really? So because im gay that means I’m an alcoholic? When did you decide you were straight Ken? Answer that.. So you can see where I’m getting at by the lack of choices I have this election. But Brayden, What does this have to do with Americans getting dumber? Well Lets look at some examples of our current political economy. First off, a little history lesson, Did you know that the Senate was originally for “Smart, White, Property” owning men. Thats right folks, the writers of the constitution and all Gods of the Tea Party movement actually didn’t want the majority of the population running the government because they were, to simply put it, too stupid to understand and would ruin America! Well Looks like that day is upon us, our found fathers worst fears! Using the correct term, the uneducated people, are riding the wave election to gain control and “take back the US”. Lets look at our friends On the right side of the political spectrum. Republican Representative from Nevada-Sharon Angle who is trying to unseat Harry Reid the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, spoke to a high school hispanic group that they looked asian and then tried to cover her tracks by saying she use to be mistaken for asian:

But what i find to be the most outrageous one of all, doesn’t even involve racism, it involves, and im sorry but there is no other word to voice my concern, blatant stupidity! The Republican Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell in a debate where they are discussing the theory of evolution and how it pertains to public education her Democratic opponent says the fact of separation of Church and state is protected under the 1st amendment of the Constitution/Bill of Rights… But Christine doesn’t think that exists? [youtube=

Your running for the United States Senate, One of the most highest offices in the world and you represent the Tea Party in which you people practically worship such doctrines yet you claim to not think that there is no separation of church and state? Do your facts!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion“. (

I.E. The government can’t make any laws favoring any religion! DUH! and President Jackson stated a separation of Church and State in an 1802 letter to  Baptists from Danbury, Connecticut in reference to the First Amendment. ( I just don’t understand it at all! Not only are these people looking to get elected in the senate, we have 30-40 more running in the House! WHAT HAVE WE COME TOO! It use to be an honor to run for the Senate, The elected few! In fact there is a rivalry between house and senate members because of this,  there are 435 members of the US House of Representatives, while only 100 In the senate. So its much harder to be a senator than Congressmen. 

I guess anyone can be a congressmen or senator these days without much of any intelligence, knowledge, or background in any part of our constitution or history of our government, It is really scary to think that we are headed down a crazy spiral where people don’t think and don’t communicate like normal adults or human beings and just use ignorance and fear and vote. It’s not a vote by the people anymore its a vote by stupidity. You can’t cut taxes and cute spending and lower the deficit all in one, sorry GET EDUCATED. You can’t tell the government to stay out of your wallet, but welcome them into your private life i.e. gay marriage and abortion, sorry GET EDUCATED! You can’t run for office without knowing elementary facts of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, sorry GET EDUCATED. You can’t say your for your constituents then do things to hurt their way of life, like privatizing Social Security, sorry GET EDUCATED. We the people need to start thinking harder about who we want to represent US in our government because it involves our every day lives. And it is the responsibility of we the people to start looking at who we choose to elect to represent us, WE THE PEOPLE!