Dems Can’t Win, They Just Can’t Loose

Posted on October 8, 2010 by


It is obvious that the Democratic Party is in a tough situation. I would argue that their strategy, though, is to blame. Moreso, it isn’t that the Dems have a losing strategy, I would argue, so much as the Republicans have a winning strategy.

The Dems are in control of the House and Senate right now, but it seems that they have become content in thier arrogance and fell asleep in their spoils, so to speak. The GOP, on the other hand, have been arroused by the 2008 election and are gaining momentum in the political arena.

This is not new news. The question we have to answer is why. The Democrats are trying desperatly to stop the GOP from taking their seats as opposed to keeping the momentum they had going in 2008. Meanwhile, the Republicans are rallying and coming up from the bottom. The dichotomy is that the GOP is taking a more agressive approach to this election, not in so far as attacking the Dems (which they are doing, but it seems that this is not key to their startgey) but in so far as they are getting people excited for their party, leaving the Dems with nothing to do but take a defensive approach. In short, this is not an election that the Democrats are going to win, necessarily, it is just one that they are trying not to lose.

They have everything at stake here- they’re in the White House, they control the Senate and House, and they won overwhelmingly in 2008. The GOP, untill recently, was largly unpopular with voters. Now, with nothing left to lose, there is nothing the GOP can do wrong. With this ethic in mind they are pulling out all of their weapons and using them on this election. This is the same this the Obama campagin did in 2008; a country that felt disenfranchised and needed change got the candidate they asked for. That was the Demorcatic strategy that won the election in 2008- “change”. The Republicans are doing the same thing this year. They are appealing to the idea that voters don’t really know what they want, they just know they want something different.

Democrats see this. But the party of change cannot continue to be the party of change when what they now want is for things to stay the same. Their strategy: inform the public of why the tsunami of Republicans that may come into office is a bad thing. Examples of this are endless.

Knowing all of this, the question, again, is whose strategy is stronger? Will the Dems muster the energy to save their policical position or will the kamikaze tactics of the GOP take hold of Washington?