Why is Buck winning?

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Ken Buck’s website shows him running ahead 51-43, Real Clear Politics has the race 48-44 in favor of Buck, but any way you slice it, he’s ahead.

So what gives?

This seat has been democratic since 2004, even when the state allowed Bush to stay for a second term. Even in this wave of anti-establishment fervor that has hit the United States this year, are Coloradoans really willing to take a chance on Buck?

Colorado turned a special shade of blue in the last election, one which was was filled with hope and social liberalism, because Coloradoans are rugged individualists. We don’t like to be told what to do, and on social issues such as abortion, gay rights and immigration, we as a people seemed to be swinging to a more liberal side of the spectrum. Now of course the economy is crap, and we have forgotten the importance of our candidates positions on those issues.

Buck’s website points out that he is a pro-life candidate, not shocking, but it evasively hints that he supports amendment 62 which would declare personhood at conception (I think it is ironic that spell check is telling me that personhood is not a word).

In Ken’s case, he supports the concept of personhood, but is not taking a position on any of the state ballot initiatives, including Amendment 62.

Sounds a little iffy to me. There has been talk among doctors about what this may actually mean, including some forms of birth control, especially the morning after pill, and would cause doctors to have to do pregnancy tests to make sure that emergency care would not inadvertently harm an unborn child. I don’t know about you, but please make sure I live before you check to see if I could have something growing inside of me just because I’m a woman. Should we start testing all women before they have routine check ups or go on certain medications just because they have a uterus and could potentially be pregnant? Even if they aren’t sexually active, can we rule out immaculate conception?

Obviously I’m being facetious, but how far can you invade into someones life based on their gender and call it constitutional? How is it possible that anyone, much less a group of people who seem to be almost libertarian in their views of what the government should do allow for this to happen?

Buck doesn’t support any new taxes, or any higher taxes, like any Republican would say. Bennett is trying to paint him differently, perhaps revealing the underlying problem in cutting taxes somewhere requires you to raise them somewhere else. He is in favor of cutting taxes, specifically for businesses, but in order to pay for things he does want to do, like tighten security on the border and improve the military he will have to find revenue somewhere else. I don’t know if what Bennett’s ad says is true, but it alludes to the fact that moving money around with no new taxes is going to leave other departments hurting for cash.

I take personal issue with Buck’s energy stance. Colorado is home to the National Renewable Energy lab, where renewable energy collection and storage is being worked on and improved every day. The federal government just guaranteed a loan of 1.45 billion dollars to Abengoa Solar, a solar company based in Lakewood, to build the largest concentrating solar power plant in the world in Arizona. These companies are giving jobs to people, and if financed correctly could lead to more manufacturing jobs for people as renewable energy starts to relieve our dependence on other forms of energy. Instead, Buck would have us stay dependent of dirty, non-renewable forms of energy, most of which are brought in from outside our own country

we must continue to depend on our traditional sources of energy — coal, oil and especially natural gas. It means we must aggressively expand energy production in our country, including stepping up drilling and looking to nuclear power as one of our best sources for non-carbon energy.

Aren’t we supposed to be a nature loving bunch? Is blowing up more mountains in search of coal and natural gas a good use of our beautiful state? If nuclear was such a good idea, why was Rocky Flats dismantled and is now essentially quarantined? Wake up Colorado! I know you’re mad, but this guy? Do better.

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