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It’s only a month away and things are shaking up to be a pretty tight election this year. In the past 2 election cycles, the Democratic party as crushed their Republican counter parts bad. Worse than any type of sporting even score ever seen! But since the Political and National economy has gone south and the new wave of the Tea Bag, I mean Tea Party movement, the conservatives are ripe to take it back in old-fashioned.

After the 2008 election year cycle, I had thought that my personal enemies ( the Christian Conservative Republican) was finally dead, gone, expelled from the books and only a mier sint in American political history. With one of my personal favorites being voted out, Mrs. Marilyn Musgrave.

She was one of the top Christian Conservatives of the time and in the state of my beautiful Colorado, she was a tight runner-up to the group Focus on the Family, based in Colorado Springs.Its seemed to be a happy day, the life in Colorado started to spring out as if it was a brand new era in America! No longer was there hate talk about gays by a Colorado Representative and in fact Colorado was now controlled by the democratic party in all three chambers! But, and there is always a but, there seems to be a scary resurgent of Christian Conservatism in the new wave of Republicans. The Tea party is slowly turning to once a bunch of people who just worry about taxes and defect dogs, now have become, Christian Conservatives in disguise.

Take a look at Republican Senatorial candidate in my state of Colorado Ken Buck: “He endorsed a proposed amendment to the state constitution to set up a direct challenge to the federal government over rights for fetuses. The so-called “personhood” amendment would give constitutional rights to people from conception.”( Hmm Interesting, although in this state the voters have shot this amendment down by a landslide and is now being showed to be put down by the same margin this time, and he has back tracked on this issue cause it hurts his polling. His other interesting comrade in Delaware Mrs. Christine O’Donnell spoke at the Values Voter Summit, where Christian Conservatives meet to listen to Republicans discuss values and “issues” facing them in the days of democratic rule. She even had a campaign to stop masturbation in the 90’s calling it sinful!

The Tea Party Platform Itself calls that “Traditional Family Values Are Encouraged.” Hmm…. and when looking at the Christian Coalition website, you just add random bible scripture to anything you want and what do ya know you have the Tea Party Platform in Gods words! Things like “Oppose Nationalization of HealthCare,” and “Defend the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts”, even the blocking of any liberal judges Obama puts up for confirmation( This sounds awfully like the Tea Party platform and what they are running on.

Now given the recent trends of polling and what the map looks like today, the Republican Party could easily win House back and could bring its Christian Conservative rhetoric back! Which could be bad news for us gays out there who always seem, and more recently, to take the brunt of Christian Conservative Groups.

Now the this is the Tea Party movement or…. no wait the Christian Conservative…. No…. OMG….. O… M.. G…  I THINK THEY ARE THE SAME THING! interesting how once I thought the Christian Conservative movement was dead, and now it has been reborn into what is now called the “Tea Party” movement. Your not fooling me! But you sure are fooling your voters! It’s the Second coming Ladies and Gentlemen, head for the churches or in my case, I will be moving to the safe Gay safe Haven of San Fran if this all goes down!