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As it gets closer to election-day, we must focus not only on national issues but also on our local issues. Especially with listening to this whole tax issues tax cuts and the whole “spreading the wealth” issue.  Well here in Colorado we have our own tax issues; these are the amendments that are on the ballot. The most controversy tax issues are amendments 60, 61 and proposition 101. 

Amendment 60

Summary:  Amendment 60 reduces the amount of property tax paid by individuals and businesses to school districts, counties, cities and towns.  By reducing the property tax over ten years it would require taxes to be replaced by state funding. 

Bottom line – The lure of lower property taxes is a hollow promise, further crippling our schools and other vital local services.


Amendment 61

Summary:  Amendment 61 puts restraints on government borrowing to build like roads, public buildings, and airports etc.  This would reduce tax

Bottom line – Amendment 61 is a crazy experiment that would eliminate any practical means for state and local governments to make capital improvements.


Proposition 101

Summary:  This proposition would cut taxes and fees in car registration fees which would eliminate founding towards roads and bridge construction across the state. This will cut a quarter of CDOT’s annual revenue.

Bottom line – Proposition 101 would severely impact everything from roads to schools, with no regard for the actual cost of providing these vital services.


Although this would be a big tax cut for the average Coloradoan, the impact on the state would be big as well.  For example not being able to borrow money to build would buildings, would cause a big loss of jobs for construction workers. With amendment 60 the money that was going to the schools in the community would be cut in half and the state has to pay the other half. With amendment 61 the state would not be able to borrow money and therefore would not be able to build stuff such as roads buildings and tourist places (such as stadiums). With proposition 101 our taxes would be cut as well therefore Colorado would have no money to repay the other half that it’s supposed to pay towards the school.

Being a full time college student this would make an even higher increase in tuition. School is expensive as it is but without the help of the tax payers it will literally be almost impossible for a low income student to go to school. Or probably graduate with debt up your throat.  As a college student I think that these should not passed and that people should vote NO.  However at the end of the day the thing that matters is that people go out there and vote.

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