War On Terror

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We all the remember the 911 attack as America witnessed the big terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and many Americans lost their lives. It was such a tremendous shock for the US, that we didn’t seem to sure as to what to do to approach the situation. It was a tough reality to accept and the future decisions that had to be made weren’t going to be easy. While this was happening, there were also future rumors that there were possible ideas for more attacks. This was the beginning of the “war on terror” area when the US realized that they had a big problem to deal with.

Which is what Obama was walking into as the next president of United States. He was hit with problems of possible terrorist attacks before he was formally the president.

“Obama had not yet taken office, and he was already being confronted with the threat that consumed his predecessor’s presidency.”

“Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first president to take office in the Age of Terrorism: (Baker)

It was clear that Obama was going into a hard time in the US and was going to have to deal with the issues of terrorism and be able to reassure the country that everything will be fine. Which probably was not going to be an easy thing with the War still going on and more troops being sent everyday.

Recently, Obama has removed troops from Iraq and left around 50 thousand troops to train the Iraqi people to be able to let them control their own government, but only after we believe they will be able to do so. Obama did not pull the troops to bring them back to the US, he sent them to Afghanistan. He wants to be able to remove Al’ Qaeda and the Taliban from the area. After doing so, the threats of possible bombing areas in the US rose. Big populated areas such as California, New York, and Texas have been being watched for any possible posing threats that may be linked to the terrorism attacks possibly done by Al’ Qaeda.

How does Obama feel about the war on terrorism?

He hasn’t had much to say about the face that the possible threats of attacks against the US are very possible.

“He has given relatively few speeches on the topic and has declined to discuss it for this article.” (Baker)

Obama believes the United States is at war with Al Qaeda, not with terrorism. Which is something that I fail to understand. If we are at war with Al Qaeda, and the threaten to bomb two of our biggest cities, what do we do? We can’t just sit there and call his bluff.

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