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Making their mark on the political spectrum the Tea Party has paved the way for a new political demographic, slating their ideals on that of the founding fathers and constitution. In an era so diversified and evolved from the time of our nations birth, is it really realistic to regress back to a time of new growth and independence? It is hard to decipher if the American people are in support of these candidates or if they are simply jumping on a bandwagon protesting the nations lack of progress. When evaluating the candidates of the Tea Party it is a daunting idea that these individuals could be making economical let alone governmental decisions. It is one thing to applaud the extensive emersion of women represented, as there party’s candidates, but the women chosen to represent the Tea Party do not seem like ideal candidates for political dominance.

When pondering over unfit Tea Party candidates Delaware’s Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell comes to mind. It is hard to take a stance about O’Donnell that hasn’t already been iterated and scrutinized. I can only continue to pass on the knowledge of her inadequate credentials for state senate that are continually confirmed with her outlandish views of the “American” way. Her claim to fame could be constructed from establishing she dabbled in witchcraft, her stance on masturbation, or ignorance of evolution. One must ask how a woman such as O’Donnell gains an election with fraudulent actions and vague governmental experience?

It is hard to find the foundation that makes O’Donnell credible to run for senate when the education history she provides is continually being questioned. After visiting her website all that was found was her involvement in marketing for media outlets, work as a social advocate, and in the early 90’s she worked for the Republican National Committee. Even without a minute knowledge of politics those credentials do not seem up to par with the amount of experience and comprehension needed to fulfill a position such as a state senator. With such trivial knowledge and experience in government no wonder she is making statements such as these.

“American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.”

In a country established and celebrated for its democratic foundation why would we want a candidate so far right off the spectrum that the GOP has abandoned her. Even they have come to realize her views and lack of adequate ability to serve in the U.S Senate would lead them astray. In a recent poll it was found she is now down by 15 points to Democrat nominee Chris Coons after a strong lead and win over Republican Mike Castle. This win for the Tea Party against Mike Castle appears to be an unpleasant victory for the GOP leaving 40% of over 1,000 GOP voters surveyed, denying the Tea Party and having both Republicans and Democrats wondering what will happen to those voters.

From recent polls it looks like Delaware could be making a wise decision by straying from O’Donnell and leaning toward Chris Coons. This will be an intense and interesting race with Mike Castle now pursuing a write in campaign. It is a great time for new opinions and ideals to enter into the political arena but, candidates that the Tea Party are choosing to back appear to be unfit for this nation. Many of the candidates presented by the Tea Party share a similar demeanor as the unsuitable O’Donnell. I feel if the Tea Party really wanted to create a movement they shouldn’t of targeted a dying race of politics and should have represented them selves with a more sophisticated standard.

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