Are the Democrats finally biting back?

Posted on September 30, 2010 by


It seems that the spotlight has consistently stayed focused on the right wing throughout the past couple of months. The Tea Party and the Republican Party have been faring well in polls and have been the main focus of media (along with “Obama-care” and “Socialism”). It seems that the Democrats are finally feeling the pressure. With a little more than a month until elections, they are up and running. I think this action came slightly too late but something is better than nothing.

The Democrats have been taking advantage of the media. I have been seeing ad after ad from right wing candidates and couldn’t help but wonder whether the Democrats just decided to sit this one out. Luckily I was wrong. I came across in article in the New York Times about a string of ads focusing on the Republican candidates past mishaps. Sure they are negative ads, we all know it and we all know how bad they seem but they work.  According to the article, some Democrats feel the ads are inappropriate this close to the election. I can see why, some of the ads may portray them in a negative light.

“Representative Betty Sutton calls her Republican rival, Tom Ganley, a “dishonest used-car salesman” who has been sued more than 400 times for fraud, discrimination, lying to customers about repairs, overcharging them and endangering their safety. She warns voters, “You’ve heard the old saying, buyer beware!”

Many of the Democrats may still have an upper hand despite their extreme accusations. For example, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is a familiar name and face. His ads may be more trustworthy in the public eye compared to Ken Buck, who would be. Although he is fairly well known now, he does not have the same relationship with voters that Bennet does.  The advertisements hit close to home as well. According to the Denver Post, the Colorado Senate will be focusing on reproductive rights ads in an attempt to win over independent female voters. I could see this working fairly well for Bennett, especially when compared to Buck’s strict stance on abortion and birth control. According to California Representative Kevin McCarthy (R) the Democrats are trying to “win ugly”  but it’s not as though their opponents aren’t doing the exact same thing.

“A review of television advertisements presented since Labor Day showed that the Republicans were basing theirs almost entirely on the records of Democrats on health care, the economic stimulus package and the first vote the Democrats cast when Congress convened in 2009: for making Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House.”

The Democrats have also been trying to fire up those voters who were behind their sweeping success in 2008. Polls have been showing lack of excitement among Democrat voters. Independent voters are now leaning more to the right as well so the Democrats have their work cut out for them. Obama himself has been out trying to excite young and minority voters. Obama will be visiting College Campuses across the country to try to push students to vote. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Democrats will find students to be the building blocks of their potential victory during this election.

“A lot of young people are not disenchanted with Obama. I think they just pay attention less.”

The polls may not lean in their favor at the moment and as a result, it seems they have been slacking on attempting to awaken voters. It seems that as we get closer to Election Day, the Democrats are picking up the pace. The ads are rolling. Looks like the race has finally begun!!

This one is just for laughs!!