Dems Caught with One Foot Out the Back Door

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     There is certainly no shortage of apparent flaws and shortfalls in the political process these days. Unfortunately, at a time when the American people are looking for clear answers and reasons with desperation, no one appears willing to accept responsibility for anything that isn’t going just right. It’s one party always passing the buck to the other. I’m sure that this tactic is not unique to either party however, at a time when the democrats have had control of both houses of congress and the presidency for 21 months– democrat’s use of this tactic is being highlighted.
To illustrate, Democrats are continually blaming the current economic situation on the policies of the Bush administration (still), and further justifying their own lack of initiative or corrections on house and senate republicans who are obstructing their ability to get things done. So at a time when the American people want answers, what they get instead is “not our fault”. If the party that is holding the presidency and both houses of congress is not giving answers, then who will? And all the while the American people are left to wonder what will become reality as of January 2011 in terms of their tax rates on household income, dividends, capital gains and inheritances. Democrats, hesitant to offend any portion of the electorate in these elections, are taking the coward’s way out by blaming and postponing versus leading as they were sent to do nearly two years ago.       

      In an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News , Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader, was questioned about the Democrats’ intentions to address the Bush Tax cuts before adjourning for the year. “Asked about whether the House will hold a vote on extending the expiring tax cuts before they adjourn, the majority leader said he doubted they would because, “they can’t move through the Senate, so it would be an specious act.”

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So the Democratic strategy on this issue now appears to be to defer being leaders in order to have a hope of being re-elected in November. They are refusing to put any legitimate effort forward in either sustaining or cancelling the tax cuts, and instead waiting to see if they have a job or not for the next two years. Once again, failing to take responsibility for what they were sent to do. And I’m sure that the republicans will end up being blamed for some or all in the reasoning as to why. Way to go Democrats on explaining the extent of your sense of moral obligation to voters and this country.     A quote from John Bresnahan blogging on gives an account of Hoyer’s previous commitments and comments on the Bush tax cut discussion.     

     “I doubt that we will,” Hoyer said when asked on “Fox News Sunday” about whether there would be a vote on tax cuts      this upcoming week, probably the last before the House adjourns for the mid-term elections.”The Senate has refused      

 to move forward on that issue….They can’t move it through the Senate. So it would be a specious act.”      


  Perhaps, based on this quote, the house members are now beginning to spread the blame a little broader and include the senate as well. Either way, it still does not provide answers to the American people. What kind of grand-standing and proverbial mental gymnastics to avoid any sort of stand on this issue is this? Hoyer previously committed to addressing the tax cuts but is shifting to a wait and see while calling the republicans obstructionists. John Bresnahan continues to say:        

     Hoyer committed to have a vote on extending the tax cuts for those Americans making under $200,000 annually before the end of the year.        

     “Democrats have absolutely pledged, and will make sure before the end of this year, 

 that the Republican increase in middle-income taxes will not going into effect,”  

 Hoyer said, noting the Bush tax cuts were supposed to expire at year’s end for budget-scoring 

 purposes when they were enacted a decade ago. “There will be no increase in middle-income taxes.”

     Hoyer stood fast to the Democratic pledge to extend the tax credit to the middle class and in the same breath accuses the Republicans of wanting to increase taxes on the middle class. Since when did the planned expiration of a tax cut become a tax increase? The tax cuts are simply ending and their end means they are simply going back to what they were prior to the credit.


     What was a good strategy for economic conservatives during the Bush presidency, smaller government, less taxes and economic growth back fired when Obama took office. The democratic philosophy to grow government which has come with an increased price-tag has created an impossible economic dilemma. Stimulus may be a good idea when you have money set aside, but when you borrow 100% of that money then economic stimulation suddenly becomes hemorrhaging. Now a tax cut strategy that made sense under Bush for growth of the free market is made more complex due to the fact that there has been 20 months of deficit spending. It is similar to an individual taking a lower paying job and justifying a shopping spree for new suits at Niemen Marcus to try to boost their potential for a raise but going in to debt as a consequence. Granted, balanced budgets have been a challenge for both parties but we really need an honest dialog and the existing majority party to step up to the plate and hit us something.

     Might it be more true that because of the increased spending with borrowed money creating a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit coupled by the loss of 3.2 million jobs the democrats now intend to shirk the responsibility onto whoever is left holding the hot potato? Or can we look forward to a wait and see how the elections go attitude from the left ? The consensus may be that a lame duck session would be insignificant but the issue of the tax cuts is sure to be on the table during this time. In a quote from by Mickey Kaus on September 26, 2010 concern over the consequences of a lame duck session are expressed in the following quote;       

 “Democratic politicians themselves, including Senate Majority Leader Reid, have talked up the possibility 

     of lame duck action. If they lose lots of seats in November–even if they don’t lose either house of Congress      

 the lame duck will be their last chance to achieve many of their legislative goals.      

 Those who’ve been defeated or who decide to retire will have little left to lose. 

 Might as well be [a] go to the gallows as historic liberal reformers.”      



     The left has claimed this fear is another right wing conspiracy theory but in the Interview with Fox News Correspondent, Chris Wallace, Hoyer, when asked if he would promise that the democrats would not try something tricky on the issue of tax cuts during a possible lame duck session, he would not make any promises.        

According to Wikipedia a lame duck session can be described as, “not facing the consequences of their  

 actions in a subsequent election, giving them greater freedom to issue unpopular decisions  or appointments. Examples include last-minute midnight regulations issued by executive agencies of outgoing  

 U.S. presidential administrations and executive orders issued by outgoing presidents.[2] Such actions date  

 back to the Judiciary Act of 1801 (“Midnight Judges Act”), in which Federalist President John Adams  

 and the outgoing 6th Congress amended the Judiciary Act to create more federal judge seats for Adams to appoint  

 and the Senate to confirm before the Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated and the  

 Democratic-Republican majority 7th Congress convened. In more recent history, U.S. President Bill Clinton  

 was widely criticized for issuing 140 pardons and other acts of executive clemency  

 on his last day in office, including two former close colleagues,   

donors, fellow Democratic members and his own half-brother.”      




     It could be a very real possibility if the Democrats are on their way out of the majority they will attempt to push through all the legislation that is still on the table not considering the clear and growing wishes of their electors.  Now Hoyer claims that the Republicans have just enough influence to stop any bills that may get put before the house and therefore do not want to commit to any movement on this issue. They have a house majority and a Democrat in the Oval Office, they pushed through healthcare reform so what is stopping them from taking a stand on tax cuts  now?
               The house majority leader is insinuating that the democrats may refuse to vote on the Bush tax cuts and take the coward’s way out. They are waiting to see whether they will lose control of the house and in a lame duck session will possibly push through an unpopular measure or go  against voter wishes to cut this outrageous deficit at the expense of upper income individuals and families. Will the democrats let the tax cuts expire only to put it on the republican shoulders to come up with an unpopular tax which the democrats can then use as fodder to criticize the republicans? And thus the blame game and lack of accountability and progress continues….. 

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