Show me the Guns!

Posted on September 28, 2010 by


As November elections near there is a new focus in the media. It is not the Kardashians anymore, it is the senate. Republican hopefuls bank on a change of majority while Democrats struggle to fire up voters on their side. The division line, of Republican vs Democrat, has only been emboldened. However, there have been newly popularized divisions within the parties themselves. The most notable is the emergence of the Tea Party within the GOP. However, they have not been publicly officiated as partners there is a definite commitment of ideologies between the two. The Democrat side has not seen the same split of constituents but has endured a new rivet outfall. Candidates, who have previously aligned themselves with the Democratic party have begun to pull away.

This could be a ploy for elections season or it could be an enduring change. We will not know until after elections and when congress is back in secession.

The pull away from current institutions in a time of economic difficulty is fairly common during mid elections. This election cycle the pull has been a little stronger. Some news sources say it is because of the transformation in the accessibility of media output with twitter and facebook, which allow for the “common man” to have a more prominent voice. The voice of dissatisfaction with the Obama administration has reached a new volume through the Average Joe’s tweets. This aside, there is a growing disassociation of Democratic candidates with the Obama administration.

West Virginia is a perfect example. The race for senate is between two men with similar agendas from very different parties. Fox News’ website cast candidate and current Governor Joe Manchin as a liberal Democrat running against conservative John Raese. Upon further investigation, I found that Governor Joe is much less partisan than Fox depicted. He is in favor of cutting taxes and a fan guns. With the NRA’s recent public backing of conservative candidates, this set him apart from the traditional liberal gun position. Although his website did not have an NRA backing, like his opponent, he did make sure to mention his position prominently on his website. After reading his positions, it seemed unclear that he was actually aligned with the Democrats. In fact, his campaign website lists him as an Independent. Under the accomplishment section, this statement was validated.

Governor Joe Manchin has already invested in private sector job creation with the large sum of $13 billion and West Virginia has seen growth of over 240 companies in the last 5 years.  Furthermore, he has worked to cut food tax, net corporate tax, and business franchise tax (all of which correlate with the Republican agenda.) All the while, he was also able to successfully privatize Workers Compensation. This is also tied to his environmental stances which deal directly with mining. He has worked hard to increase West Virginia’s land development. However, Joe also maintains the Democratic stature in all of his ventures. To accompany his push for mining he also pushed for environmental responsibility. Mandating those old mines and new ones be cleaned up after they are out of use so that the land could be utilized in the future. He also supported and implemented state aid to senior citizen and veterans. He was behind the implementation of Hot and Cold Meal Trucks in every county for senior citizens and added $316 million to senior services. He also supported the Veterans Bonus Program which benefited over 7,000 veterans in West Virginia. According to both candidates, West Virginia has one of the stronger economies in the United States at the moment. Joe attributes this to well calculated investments that do not walk the partisan line.

The GOP candidate for the senate in West Virginia is John Raese. He is running on the traditional Republican platform. He wants to cut taxes and “unshackle” businesses from government oversight. He is against abortion and believes strongly in Christian values. John is motivated to help instate better immigration laws, which he believes will strengthen America. He has a long history of creating private sector jobs, mostly through his multiple companies. He is a distinguished business man who is prepared to make West Virginia a better place. The NRA is ready to back this claim up, as John is a life time member. It is the first statement he makes about himself on his campaign website.

West Virginia has the choice between two conservative candidates, one which calls himself an Independent and the other that is ready to be part of the GOP machine. We can all wait in anticipation for November’s results, knowing that both candidates have good intentions.