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Momma Grizzly is busier than ever at recruiting and endorsing new conservative candidates.

The recent nomination of Christine O’Donnell is just part of a trend sweeping across America.  The three big Conservative females, Palin, Angle, and now O’Donnell all have 2 things in common.  They all have recently received national attention and became household names.  All three of them are also strongly connected to the Tea Party.  It seems to be that these three women are some of the strongest assets to the Republican party.  They all have bucked the establishment and are a new wave of conservatives returning to their right wing roots.

O’Donnell is particularly interesting.  A woman with no political experience, excluding running twice has gone on to defeat the Delaware establishment candidate and win the Republican nomination. The help of the Tea Party in my opinion played a enormous role in securing the nomination for her.

This is an anti-incumbent year and the perfect recipe for Christine O’Donnell to win.  While liberals may try to turn her misfortune into embarrassment, many middle class Americans can relate to what she is/has gone through.  She has worked for several non-profit organizations, fighting for the things that she has believed in.  By doing so, her income was in-sufficient.  Second, the fact that she was unable to afford her home and lost it through foreclosure. (Although her website says she was able to privately sell it.)  Many Americans currently are suffering with un-employment and foreclosure.  (The highest rate of foreclosure is in Nevada, where Angle is running).

As of right now, Real Clear Politics shows Christine trailing by an average of 15.7 points to Chris Coons.

Poll Date Sample Coons (D) O’Donnell (R) Spread
RCP Average 9/11 – 9/21 53.0 37.3 Coons +15.7 
CNN/Time 9/17 – 9/21 703 LV 55 39 Coons +16
FOX News/POR-Rasmussen 9/18 – 9/18 1000 LV 54 39 Coons +15
PPP (D) 9/11 – 9/12 958 LV 50 34 Coons +16

See All Delaware Senate – O’Donnell vs. Coons Polling Data

While the lead is greater than most races, I am willing to bet that come election time the race will be closer than most had expected.  Yes, I am aware that Delaware is a liberal state, but with a little luck, a strong public relations campaign and the help of the Obama administrations popularity, O’Donnell may just be able to pull it off.

Just recently, Christine has hired Fred Davis for some assistance.  Davis works for Strategic Perception Inc. a California based company that is notorious for creating viral political ads.  He was responsible for both the “demon sheep” ad for Carly Fiorina and an ad for Ben Quayle.

If Christine can get some strong publicity and continues to be a national celebrity  her and the Tea Party will be a force to reckon with.

Christine O’Donnell has already fought and won battles amongst the GOP and Karl Rove.  

After O’Donnell won the nomination, the National GOP said that they would not fund her, but after some Tea Party pressure and the help of Governor Palin she some how got the approval for funding.  Another interesting thing to note is that when I first visited her website, she was soliciting campaign donations and was attempting to reach $1 million.  Several days later she was then trying to $2 million and was not far from her goal.  It is obvious that O’Donnell is getting financial support from conservatives across the country.

The thing though that worries many conservatives, including myself is what she has said in the past.  She has been the butt of all jokes ranging from Leno to Colbert for her anti-masturbation statement.  And perhaps an even harder issue for her to back pedal from is her claim that she “dabbled in witchcraft”

I think that she handled it and explained it as best as she could in her own press conference and on her terms.  She says that she dated witches, so it sounds to me as if she is guilty by association.  Something that many of Obama’s critics accused him of, and he was able to overcome it.

In an election cycle where voters are tired of career politicians (on both sides) voting for anything they desire and going against their constituents are sure to pay.  The Democrats are in an even worse situation.  Seeing how the country has a poor economy, high unemployment, and uncertain financial future, the Democrats are sure to lose Governor seats, House seats, and Senate seats.  I guess that is a risk you take when one party controls both chambers of congress.  It is debatable as to which party, if any caused the current financial crisis, but it will certainly be the Democrats that pay.  Which is exactly what this poll indicates.


Job Approval Approve Disapprove Spread
Obama 45.1% 50.1% -5.0%
Congress 22.7% 71.2% -48.5%
Direction of Country Right Direction Wrong Track Spread
RCP Average 34.0% 60.5% -26.5%


       It is a combination of all of these things added up, that make me confident in saying that O’Donnell has her best chance of becoming a U.S. Senator this next election cycle.  Doubters beware, O’Donnell is a strong well-spoken attractive conservative that is forming the new Republican party and will be responsible, among others for bringing the GOP back to her base.  It is to early to have substantial proof, but I think that women like Palin and O’Donnell will appeal not only to conservative males, but attract a large portion of female independents.  Time will tell!

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