Is Dreaming Possible Anymore?

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This summer was the summer of immigration. With the whole Arizona SB 1070,  immigration was finally back on the spotlight.  As a passionate activist of immigration in itself especially focusing on undocumented students, I truly appreciate that Arizona’s governor Jan Brewer brought this whole issue about so that we can start focusing and solving this problem that we have.  Although I totally disagree with the bill I am still glad it happened. 

During the summer of 2010 and due to the Arizona SB 1070 the DREAM Act was once again talked about.  For those who don’t know what the DREAM Act is, here is a little background information.  The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation created by Senator Orin Hatch [R-Utah] and Senator Richard Durbin [D-Illinois] to have undocumented youth to be eligible for citizenship, but that would require them a completion of a college degree or two years of military service.

With the DREAM Act many students who were brought here by their parents at a young age would be able to go on to receive higher education and have a decent career.  As of today students who plan to go to college have to pay out-of-state tuition;  if in-state tuition is sky rocketed, out-of-state is worse.  There are only several states that allow undocumented students to  receive in-state tuition benefits however, most of the time they have to have graduated from an in-state high school and have to sign an affidavit saying that they are looking for citizenship.  Some of these states are Illinois, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Washington, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, California and New Mexico;  although legislation is pending in several states. (

However, even if they did go to college and were able to pay off their tuition whether that may be by working their butts of, or by private scholarships, once they are done with their college degree it is impossible for them to get a job because they don’t have a social security number.

  So basically all that hard work was a waste of time.  The DREAM Act would be creating soldiers and educated people. Once more the dream act goes to the senate next week. So we shall see what happens then.


Some Myths and Facts about the DREAM Act

Myth: US citizens will lose their place in college so that they can accommodate the undocumented students.  Fact is that although there are many students who want to go to college it only represents less than 2% of all high school graduates which is not enough to be affected. 

Myth: The DREAM Act is more of a burden for the state. Fact is that an average college graduate earns about a million more in a life time which means more tax money for the state.

Myth: With the DREAM Act then there would be more people migrating to the USA. Fact is that the DREAM Act would only apply to those who were here before the age of 15 and have lived in the USA for at least 5 years before the DREAM Act was put into play, therefore no new immigrants would be a part of this.

In conclusion I believe that this act should be taken more into consideration because we are not just talking about some people who migrated from a different country just to find a better future. We are talking about children that were brought here without them knowing that their education might just end after high school and then they would go out to working the fields just like any other immigrant but knowing that they have the potential to be someone better in this county.  If America is the land of opportunity, why haven’t we passed this?