How right is too right?

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By this point in time, I’m sure most of us have heard about some of the new initiatives that will be on the upcoming Colorado ballot.  After all, it would only cost our state an arm and a leg. The economy has reached a boiling point and it seems voters are driven by the promise of a stable economy, lower taxes and the creation of jobs. The current anger towards the Democrat’s policies only adds fuel to the fire and gives way to such extreme measures. But would lower taxes truly solve our problems? Will the “Evil Three” have the desired effect on our economy, or will it cause voters to become even more disgruntled in the long run?

I’m talking about Proposition 101, and amendment 60 and 61. Each of these would strain our already cash-strapped state. Proposition 101 would eliminate the current standards by which we pay for our vehicle registration. The make, size or age of the car will no longer be of any importance since everyone would pay one flat rate. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, this would be roughly a fourth of its annual revenue, gone. Amendment 61 would put a stop to what it calls “government borrowing”.  All borrowed money would have to be repaid in a very small time frame, making large projects difficult to carry out. This would directly affect school districts, colleges and universities, hospitals, public transportation, roads and many other things we take for granted.  Amendment 60 would reduce property taxes for Colorado citizens. This also comes at a price. School districts will suffer the most from this amendment because they would be required to cut property taxes in their districts by half.  I am relieved to see that these initiatives aren’t gaining tremendous support but it’s still too early to write them off.

The backlash seems to be coming from both sides. It seems to highlight that even some of the Republican Party believes that this is taking it too far. I ran across a piece in the Denver Post dedicated to just that. According to the Denver Post,

“Twenty-three of 27 GOP lawmakers in the state House and five of 14 GOP state senators have signed a letter addressed to all Colorado Republicans urging defeat of the measures.”

Representative Cheri Gerous of Evergreen says these measures are more “anarchy than they are fiscally conservative.” I wish I could say that all of these amendments will be facing a certain defeat but unfortunately some support for them still exists. In a separate piece, the three gubernatorial candidates voice their opinions. And again, there is dissent coming from the Republican Party. Tom Tancredo (a former member of the Republican Party) pledges full support to all three measures while his opponent Dan Maes says he only supports amendment 60. On the other hand, John Hickenlooper does not support any of the three.

I think this goes to show just how much instability there is regarding these initiatives. They obviously do not have unconditional support from either party. They do not seem to be winning over approval from the electorate either. I cannot help but wonder if any one of these initiatives stands a chance at the polls. If there were to be some common consensus among the Republican Party, it might be a little easier to predict the outcome. Unfortunately at this point, it’s still up in the air.

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