Do you know what you are voting for?

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In a nation torn with the promise of change voters are to quick to jump on the bandwagon for instant gratification of relief from these hard economic times. Many unsatisfied with existing procedures taking place are quick to abandon ship in favor of new propositions and amendments that appear to adhere to local needs but at closer glance would end in a de-Brucing of local elections.

Amendment 60, 61 and Proposition 101

The notion that “the youth are our future”, thus far has allowed the United States as a nation to set educational standards and create individual state support to fund such outlets as public schooling in order to allow children to prosper. In a nation divided over economical detriment, the support for educational programs appears to have been put into question in the state of Colorado. Amendment 60 is a danger to the youth of Colorado. Created in the typical fashion of political agendas, amendment 60 creates the illusion of a positive endeavor for Colorado citizens and their adolescences, but in all reality it could be the breaking point of the foundation for quality education. The backlash that would occur from adopting this amendment would send Colorado into a further regression rather then finding a solution for the pre- existing low budgeting for schools.

Colorado is currently ranked 48th in the nation for funding higher education and 42nd in per pupil funding for k-12 education. Amendment 60 wants to cut in half property taxes for schools by 2020. By doing this, local funding for education would be reduced by $1.2 billion, which state budget would still be obliged to produce. In correlation with the proposed amendment 61 and proposition 101 Colorado State government will have no source of funds for loss of local revenue. This means a loss of at least 8,000 teachers around Colorado could be in the near future, leaving class sizes to continue growing and the quality of the education dwindling. Are you prepared to sacrifice the education of our future for a tax break?

Stimulating the economy is the fundamental driving factor running the campaigns during this election. When pondering over the idea of stimulating the economy the reduction of building and creating new schools, roads, and community necessities does not come to mind. Amendment 61 wants to put a halt to the production of all these job-producing projects by limiting “government borrowing”. The amendment is deceiving by making one assume state funding is in conjunction with the nations deficit, when in reality bonding is what allows states to build various community outlets. Besides limiting the access to state bonds the state would place unrealistic time frames on the repayment of the projects. On an informational site found advocating against the amendment it stated, “The state would be prohibited from using financial instruments like “revenue anticipation notes” and “certificates of participation.” The state has used these tools for decades to even out cash flow throughout the year.”

When processing these ideals a reoccurring image continually passes through my thoughts. The movie Idiocracy keeps coming to mind, even though it might be outlandish in relevance to our society, compromising education and jobs reminds me of the regression that occurred in that scenario.

Imagining the state of Colorado degenerating to a point of self-destruction is a hard concept to grasp. By passing proposition 101 the comfortable amenities that Colorado citizens are privileged to enjoy could crumble around us. When drastically reducing car registration fees, $277 million in revenue is taken from the government that restores and creates new transportation routes.

The impact these three ballet items could make on Colorado are ones not worth taking. The negative demeanor that encompasses 60, 61, and 101 needs t o saturate the public so they are not naïve to the political jargon that construes the true intentions. Just like a true politician the outer layer of amendment 60, amendment 61 and proposition 101 may appear good and put together, but once you truly understand what encompasses them you will realize they are detrimental to Colorado.

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