Sarah Palin: Love her or Hate her, You can’t get enough

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It is hard to believe that a girl who was born in Idaho and raised in Alaska was able to become such a prominent figure in U.S. politics and discussed word wide.  Sarah Palin was on the fast tracks to becoming globally known.  From a city council position to Governor to a Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has created both a strong fan base and one that equally hates her.

It is interesting because she is one of the few political figures that bring out such strong opinions from just about everyone.  Some even within the Republican Party are not fans of her.  So what is it that makes people so passionate about her?

Many see her as an average person who represents them.  They believe that she also has a strong conservative stance and understands what mainstream Americans are going through.  This politico article clearly demonstrates that she was the candidate most like mainstream America.

With the 2010 November elections quickly approaching, many doubters will soon realize the enormous amount of power that Palin carries with her.  While I would have liked to seen her fulfill her commitment to Alaska as Governor, I think that she can do much more for the nation and Republican party as a conservative personality than as a conservative politician.

And with the current view of the Obama administration, she may make an even larger impact than one might imagine.  With Democrats in charge of both chambers of congress and the oval office these current numbers are very worrisome for all Democrats.


President Obama Job Approval

RCP Average





Spread -3.3

Congressional Job Approval

RCP Average





Spread -51.5

Generic Congressional Vote

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Republicans +6.4

Direction of Country

RCP Average

Right Direction


Wrong Track


Spread -29.5

Another undeniable fact that shows the Palin strength is how large of a role she played in the Republican primaries.  The majority of candidates she endorsed have won the nomination.  Perhaps the most notable race was the Miller Murkowski race in Alaska.  (Where Palin endorsed a “grass roots” candidate and was able to beat a well established incumbent candidate)Another force that has joined the Palin team, is that of the Tea Party, which has grown in popularity according to this Fox news article. Regardless of political affiliation, the majority of Americans are for smaller government and in particular a fiscally responsible government that can operate on a balanced budget while still providing the expected quality for services.  Americans have increasing outrage about the out of control spending, and to add to it, the fact that the spending only made it better “than it could have been”.  Perhaps had the stimulus kept unemployment below 10% Americans might have had a more preferable outlook on the spent stimulus money.  Now though it has set the Democrats to be on the platform as the party that is “stealing from our Grandkids.”  And Republicans have continued to have a much different idea as to how to turn this economy around.  The quote below show insight as to what most conservatives believe is the way to proceed.

I am a conservative Republican, a firm believer in free market capitalism. A free market system allows all parties to compete, which ensures the best and most competitive project emerges, and ensures a fair, democratic process.
Sarah Palin

While I personally do not believe that it will happen, I have heard many people say that was has happened to Greece this last summer is going to hit America, and its only a matter of time.

But Sarah’s influence goes way beyond politics.  She is huge in the entertainment sector as well.  Her book, Going Rogue was a New York Times best seller, and also Tina Fey played Sarah Palin as a character on Saturday Night Live.  (The character was an audience favorite, and Fey played it excellent)

The last reason that I think Palin is so politically attractive, is because of how the media tries to demonize her.  The liberal media is relentless on her and critiques her on everything.  This to me shows truly how many on the liberal side fear her and are trying to do anything to get the American people to turn on her.  As a strong conservative female, she is wading into new water and may attract new female voters to the GOP. (She is more popular with men however).  In my personal opinion, Sarah Palin is the conservative version of Nancy Pelosi.  While some may disagree, I think that Pelosi is critiqued more on policy, while Palin is critiqued for her personality. (The way she talks “You betcha”, blinks, smiles or even what she wears).

I also think that she has been extremely strong as a person while running for VP and after it.  She along with McCain respectfully conceded and all along the campaign trail she showed class.  A relatively new candidate running for VP from Alaska with a son that has down syndrome, a son fighting in our armed forces, a pregnant teenage daughter, and Levi Johnson who has attempted to exploit anything for cash.

How embarrassing!

In my opinion, Sarah Palin is a new breed of politician and conservative personality who never backs down from a challenge and has tremendous influence both politically and socially.  I think that after the midterm elections more and more people will recognize and respect her even more.  She truly does represent main street America and understands what challenges the majority of Americans are facing on a daily basis.  While I do like Palin both personally and politically I hope that she does not run for President in 2012.  In my view, her support to a strong candidate would help the Republicans and create more enthusiasm for the nominee.