Logically follows, B after A

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Can we as a country ever feel responsible for our own decisions and how the go awry?

The baby boomers have so completely consumed their own allotted resource and have consumed the resources of subsequent generations that now we have finally been called to reckon with the bill and the baby boomers are going to proclaim themselves “mad as hell” and scapegoat the disadvantaged. How did we come to this point? We find ourselves working harder and longer for less money than we did just thirty years ago. The ReaganRevoltution has resulted in a disappearing middle class and a greatly reduced standard of living for so many working class people. I had hoped that the election of Barack Obama and the regain of Democratic control of the House and Senate would be the dawn of a new period in the history of the country. I have now come to realize that the process has only begun the first painful steps on the path to the recovery of the collective sense of dignity of the people.

In Anne Applebaum’s article in Slate, American Hypocrites, I found many fascinating examples of the tendencies that we all seem to have when it comes to not following the logic of our own positions. I cannot help but think that we are all of two separate and distinct minds. We wish to have no government interference in our own life, but believe that the government is responsible to control the acts and actions of others. We hold the government and its officials responsible when things go awry. The integrity of the constitution and the ideals of the country are carelessly discarded as so much inconvenience and troublesome bleeding heart pandering.

This attitude is so prevalent in the media that we fail to notice the inconsistency of the message. We fail to connect the points of logic as the arguments are presented. Argument are more than two people verbally fighting, it is a logical presentation of premise and conclusion. We are unable to recognize the fallacies of statements made by the talking heads and the politicians that they represent. Let us face it, everyone, and I mean everyone is pushing an angle, but that does not mean that we need to fall for every half-baked idea that is represented as truth.

As the next several weeks progress, the inconsistencies of the positions of the Tea Party candidates and the goals of mainstream America will come to the suface. Examples of these wonderful ideas are propostions such as defunding public schools systems and repealing civil rights (a la Ken Buck). The conservatives need to vet the Tea Party candidates if they are to run on the party ticket (Dan Maes aka secret agent man).   If not the conservatives will find themselves in the driver seat of an economy that is still in the tank and if the only serious solution they will put forward are the Bush Tax cuts, which by the way haven’t done a thing to improve the economy to date, so extending them will not produce an improved economy, we will find ourselves sitting at the starting line years from now and the race will have been won by another.

As this election season progresses let us all use the sense that we all possess to analyze the material presented as the positions of the candidates. In their own statements we can all find the truth of their intentions. Human beings are unable to keep secrets and the truth of their intentions are present if we only search. Everyone wants desperately to tell you how clever he/she is and will slip up and reveal the secret. One of my Favorites was the statement Glen Beck made on the Joe Madison radio show, When it comes down to it he just does not believe in social justice.

You drive the bus into the ditch and flee the scene of the accident- how long should wait to return?

We have so far kept a lid on the social unrest that inevitably follows the widening of the wage gap. Class division is a tool of the ruling class and is used primarily to prevent the majority working class from realizing the power that they hold and seizing the means of control of the system. On average, the black male worker earns less, 82% of the average white male, in 2006 according to the U.S. census. This is in part a result of lower educational opportunities, but even in cases of similar education and background, the black worker is paid a lower wage, also according to the U.S. census. This is an example of the exploitation that is faced by minority group members every day. This inequality in earning power enables the ruling class to depress the wages of all members of the working class. When management threatens the wages of whites, the method of advantage applied is often a statement that a minority group member will do the work for less, so “be happy we allow you to earn as much as you do”. The fear that this incites is a loss of white privilege. As long as others are paid less this strategy will continue to be used effectively, it will also continue to be used to the determent of all of the working class.

It was hoped by many that the conditions that are responsible for the situation that we have found ourselves in were changing, that maybe we had matured slightly since the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s . That we had grown past the raw racism of our recent past. However, it now appears to me that the hope that was so strong has to endure at least one more frontal assault. The recent events in Arizona, a state with a mixed history of racial turmoil, have reinforced doubts revisited after seeing the hatred of the President for little reason other than the color of his skin. Also concerning are the recent stances of revisionist histories promoted by such individuals such as Glen Beck and just last week of the Alabama Governor Haley Barbour.

Let us face it; President Obama’s policies are to right of center. It is time to correct to misguided attitudes and outlooks that we all express from time to time. The movements that we should all find disturbing are not genuine examples of racial hatred, they are begun and bankrolled by the same moneyed interests that have always seen it in their benefit to keep people divided. They are not grassroots organizations, rather more AstroTurf.

“If you stick a knife nine inches into my back and pull it out three inches, that is not progress. Even if you pull it all the way out, that is not progress. Progress is healing the wound, and America hasn’t even begun to pull out the knife.”

–El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X)

As the poor and (soon to be poor) middle class wake up and realize that their dreams are shattered and the Tea party cannot deliver (or they deliver a total cut on social assistance) the top will explode and the streets will fill with faces of all hues demanding satisfaction. So the conservatives find themselves in control again and continue their march, why do we think things will be different this time?